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  • What Is It?

    "Let's play Foosball!" We wanted to build this life-sized Foosball "table" so visitors to the Arcade can make pick-up teams for a fast paced game of Foosball. But instead of having people outside the table manipulating levers, we want the people to "BE" the players... instead of soccer players on bars, we have people play atop 360 degree swivel seats!

    The ball is an actual soccer ball, and the arena's goal areas and seats are indicated with Red or Blue theme elements both with paint and LED lights. We believe as few as six people can effectively play Foosball Reimagined, and a game with all twelve seats occupied is very exciting to watch.

    A giant flip-card style scoreboard will stand six feet tall above the playfield. LED light strips integrated into the arena's rim will illuminate the whole play field so that nighttime games can be played as easily as daytime.

    The arena walls is about 36 inches tall, and goal areas are mostly open so it should be easy for participants to enter or exit at any time. The seat centers are 48 inches apart, which should be optimal for game play and far enough apart to keep people from kicking each others' shins.

    The beautiful turn-of-the-century Victorian-era carnival styling fits perfectly with the overall (coordinated) theme of the Hall of Mirrors Arcade. Aesthetically pleasing LED lighting illuminates the playfield inside and outside for nighttime gameplay.


    Foosball Reimagined has been to only one regional event during Springtime 2015. Its debut at Freeform Arts Festival gave the participants a new and fun way for camps to compete against each other. And compete they did! The lead artist (Wolf) managed to catch a full game of 12 players in progress, and was nearly moved to tears because the game was played exactly as he had conceived it. What mayhem! What fun!

    For Burning Man we are adding nets around the arena so that the ball won't go sailing off into the darkness quite so easily. Can't wait to see all those smiling faces playing Foosball Reimagined!

    Additional Images

    This was our team's first drawing of Foosball Reimagined.
    Exciting cutthroat game in progress at Freeform Arts Festival, June 2015

    (Picture courtesy of Sherri Sosslau, taken at Freeform Arts Festival June 7, 2015. Used by permission.)

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