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  • Marble Labyrinth

    What is it?

    You remember those little tabletop games you used to have, the one where a marble was on a table that you tilted back-and-forth with two knobs? You had to get the marble through the maze without falling in to any holes along the way.

    Well, we're making a giant 6 foot by 6 foot GIANT marble labyrinth, with a twist! It is so big that the controls are too far apart for one person to manage. So two people must work together to solve the maze! But don't worry, we didn't put in any holes to trip into. Instead, you will need to work together to move the marble to achieve goal positions scattered across the table!

    Our labyrinth is patterned after Black Rock City itself, and its maze of roads and amazing camps. Some key elements of the City will be evident like Center Camp, and The Man himself. Previous large-scale art projects from the DC Burner community will be featured in miniature -- do you remember what year each piece was on the Playa?

    As of mid July, Marble Labyrinth is well under construction. Most of the framing and mechanics are complete. The playfield maze is laid out, the gimbals are working nicely, the marquees for the top of the machine are cut and getting a beautiful classic carnival appearance. The tricky parts are the electronic components, since playa dust will destroy most kinds of contact sensors. Right now we're thinking: magnetic sensors.

    As we take on and solve each challenge, Marble Labyrinth becomes a more amazing art piece for Hall of Mirrors Arcade, possibly the most intriguing of the three games!

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